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Grievance/Complaints Procedures

Upon enrollment every participant will be informed of the grievance procedures to follow should they have a complaint while participating in training. Each individual has the right to file a complaint if he/she is being treated unfairly or if he/she suspects that a violation of his/her rights has occurred. The grievance procedures are as follows:

STEP I: Participants are encouraged to try and resolve their particular complaint or problem at the training site. The participant should first bring the complaint to the attention of:

Hortensia G. Beruete, Program Manager

(This may be done orally.) She will attempt to informally resolve the complaint within four (4) working days. If solution is not able to be reached or if the complainant is not satisfied with the solution offered, he/she will be advised to the next level of appeal.

STEP II: If an informal resolution cannot be arranged or is unsatisfactory to the complainant, he/she will be advised to appeal the complaint in writing within two (2) working days to:

Jesús M. Beruete, Executive Director

He will review the complaint file and may request additional information in an effort to provide a speedy and fair decision on the matter. Within four (4) working days from the receipt of the appealed complaint, he will provide the complainant with the training agency's final written decision. If the complainant is still not satisfied with this decision he/she will be advised to refer their complaint to the Equal Opportunities Specialist of one of the pertaining offices listed below:

  • Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)
  • Cook County President's Office of Employment Training (POET)