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MACID Certification

Students that complete their course of studies with at least a minimum of 75% mastery level or better will be awarded a Certificate of Completion in the instructional module.

MACID Vocational Certificates are appropriate documentation for employees. MACID Basic Education, GED and ESL Certificates document progress in these content areas.

           The general Grade Scale is:
                      93-100 A
                      85-92 B
                      75-84 C
                      65-74 D
                      64 and below F

Class Rules and Regulations

  1. Foods, drinks, smoking, and gum are not allowed in classroom.

  2. No radios, head sets, or cellular phones on are allowed.

  3. Coming to class under the influence of alcohol or drugs is grounds for dismissal from program.

  4. Profane language will not be tolerated.

  5. Students are not allowed to use school telephones.

  6. In order to receive certificate, students must:
    • Complete all tests and assignments on time.
    • Fulfill all requirements.

  7. Students are expected to act in a professional and courteous manner with fellow students, school administrators, and faculty.

MACID reserves the right to expel those students who disrupt, or in any way, cause the school to be reflected in a negative manner. In case of such a termination the school's refund policy will be applied.

Attendance Policy


Students must notify school of an anticipated late arrival. Any late arrivals are considered disruptive to class and show lack of respect for Instructor/Fellow Students. Two late arrivals will be counted as one unexcused absence.


High attendance is key! Students with less than 90% attendance will not receive a satisfactory grade nor a certificate for their elected course. Students will also forfeit their chance to take place in our job placement assistance program except for those mandated to participate. This is because MACID will not jeopardize its reputation with potential employers by placing those students who have demonstrated a poor attendance record and are lax in a good work ethic.